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Capture the moment, preserve the memory, remember the bond. 


As a photographer, I endeavor to capture the very essence of my subjects; to put on display the unique spirit and personality that every creature possesses.


That spirit and personality are what we fall in love with.  It's what touches our soul and makes them more than just animals.  It makes them family.


As a long time horseman and dog owner, I have been fortunate to be a witness to their interactions, play and affection - moments of intimacy, connection, raw energy, and wild enthusiasm.  I consider myself a humble student of the wisdom animals possess and communicate daily in an authentically genuine way that is all their own. 


The images that I capture reflect a range of emotions and intrigue the viewer to spark their imagination, so that they can see beyond the frame and into the subject itself.


I look forward to the privilege of learning about what makes your 4-legged companion special and conveying that through my work.


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