Strobe Lighting & Equine Photography

Light, and how it plays with my subjects is something that fascinates me. For years I have shot using nothing but natural light. It was how I started, learned, and loved to shoot. Using natural light meant that I didn't have a ton of gear that I needed to bring to a shoot, but it doesn't always cooperate when you need it to. Many a shoot have been spoiled by the light not being what it needs to be. At its best, natural light has a magical quality to it that can really bring an image to life, and at it's worst, it can leave an image flat and lifeless. And the biggest challenge with shooting in natural light is that to a large degree, we have very little control over it. We are at its mercy.

Well this year I decided that I would take a little more control of light and jump into the world of strobes. Sure It means that I have a few more pieces of gear to bring to a shoot, and sure it means that I have to learn a little about this new approach to equine photography, but imagine the possibilities! I can now control my light! I have the power!

I'm excited about this new creative avenue and so far I'm absolutely in love with the process. It's a little more work, but the effort is well worth it. The end results are amazing, and the best part about the whole thing is that I am taking control of my light, and with that control comes some incredible possibilities!

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